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Not sure how to record your crypto trades for tax purposes, I have 3 spreedsheets that will allow you to record all your crypto trades, the first one you copy your trading history from an exchange onto one spreedsheet, the 2nd is you taking info from the first spreedsheet to calculate if you have had a capital gain tax loss or profit and the 3rd spreedsheet is where you input multiple coins capital gains tax profit or loss to calculate overall capital gains tax loss or profit for all your coins. Note in Australia you need to record all crypto to crypto trades, not just fiat to crypto or crypto to fiat. For these 3 spreedhseets I will accept 5 million SCH. Will do all the work for you for a negotiated price of SCH or SKY depending on amount of work involved. Although I live in Australia as long as your country treats crypto as capital gains tax these spreedsheets will allow you to record the info you need, its then just a matter of how each country treats the final figure you will come up with on spreedsheet 3. You can contact me on Telegram via sending a PM to @HSVGTS