We believe that Coin Hours are the future of digital currency. Coin Hours are created by holding the SKY crypto currency in a secure SKY wallet. More than simply a secondary currency of Skycoin, Coin Hours have the potential to become the dominant currency used internationally for everything from gaming to financial transactions to the entire sharing economy.

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Skycoinhour.com is about facilitating the exchange of real-world assets and services for Skycoin Coin Hours. With an established marketplace, both existing and future Coin Hour users can visualize and experience the power of the currency, as Coin Hours become the first digital currency to be backed in a sense by purchasing power for real goods and services.

Here's how it works. Payments may be arranged between buyer and seller as they see fit. Suggestion options:

  • Direct Payment of Coin Hours - Coin Hours may be sent directly between wallets by using the Advanced send. Because of the current Skycoin Coin Hour burn rate, Coin Hours will be spent to conduct this transaction, Coin Hours would similarly be burned in a transfer to the future Coin Hour Bank.
  • Coin Hour IOU - In situations where sufficient level of trust exists between buyer and seller, an IOU may be accepted in lieu of immediate payment. Depending on the debut date of the pending Coin Hour bank, we may ultimately place IOUs on a Skycoin Fiber blockchain.
  • Future payment methods - live Coin Hour transactions will be enabled upon the launch of the official Coin Hour Bank.

The following is an informational introduction to Skycoin Coin Hours.  View more of Fray's excellent work here.